Introducing Helmsman:

Hand-crafted shave cream for men who demand the highest quality. Designed and manufactured in the US, Helmsman uses high-quality, transparent ingredients to provide the smoothest, most satisfying shave. For men who chart their own course and craft their destiny, Helmsman shave cream provides an authentic experience that keeps you looking your best.


Helmsman exists to provide a shaving experience that prepares a man for a day of striving to seek and to find and not to yield. Rather than a race to find the lowest acceptable product Helmsman pushes the bounds of quality and craftsmanship to new heights. Helmsman exists to ensure you look your best as you press the boundaries of what’s possible in your own life.


Helmsman is committed not only to American craftsmanship but
also unparalleled experience.  Scented
with essential oils and made with 98% natural ingredients, Helmsman is not
afraid to go against the grain to provide the highest quality items that men of
purpose demand.


We set out to guide a company that would never compromise on ingredients, quality, and artisanship. As you strive to keep the course and push on to new shores and sail beyond the sunset, Helmsman is committed to helping you look your best by providing the smoothest and most precise shave you need.

About Our Company

Helmsman is a St. Louis Company with manufacturing capabilities located in the USA. Our founders are committed to providing the highest quality products for men who demand the best. Our products are paraben free, gluten free, BPA free and cruelty free with no testing on animals.